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Sign up to an Amuri.net wireless plan, and have the freedom of no contract term and to change plans.


Choose an unlimited plan or a plan with a generous data cap. Customise your plan to suit.


You will enjoy first-class internet speeds for snappy browsing, quick downloads, and non-stop streaming media.

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We are a Canterbury-based company that can provide affordable, high speed, always-connected broadband, using a hybrid of wireless and Fibre technologies. No phone line required. Get in touch now to find out more.

Our wireless broadband plans start from as little as $59 including 60 GB of data.

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Contact us now, and we will tell you if Fibre is available at your place. Fibre is the best Internet connection available today. Click here »


Chances are we can provide you with a fast wireless service, you will be surprised where we have managed to give families access to fast Internet! More »


This is the governments Rural Broadband Initiative. It uses 3G and 4G technology, which is the same as how your smartphone gets online. More »

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